The Gathering Place provides a safe community space within our Drop-In and is open 365-days.  Our Drop In offers access to basic needs and supports using a community development approach and the Gathering Place staff work to remove barriers that may prevent people from accessing housing, income and employment opportunities. The goal of the Gathering Place is to lower social isolation amongst our community members through access to supports that improve their quality of life.

This program provides a variety of formal and informal programs.  Services include daily meals, food bank, life skills, laundry & shower facilities, clothing bank, employment & training, resume development, counseling support, specialized counseling workshops, information referrals, identification, health bus services, as well as case management. Programming includes feasts, drumming, crafts, bingos, games (cards, crib, euchre), sports and recreation, AAA, family dances, Sunday services, memorial services.  Currently the Gathering Place is staffed by four full-time positions who operate on a 4-day on/off shift along with two positions who work on a weekly basis to ensure that our programming is fully operative. Staffing includes 2xGP Coordinators, 2xGP Support Workers, a Community Client Support Worker and Food Services Worker, funded by Services Canada (SC) and administered by the Aboriginal Labour Force Development Circle (ALFDC).
Between the months of June 2009 to May 2010, the Gathering Place provided services to 150,000+ individuals.

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Gathering Place
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