Community Client Support / Counselling Unit

The Counselling Unit is staffed by one full-time Support Worker who focuses on issues surrounding Child & Family service issues as well as support services to individuals experiencing incarceration, probation or parole. Under the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services the Worker works with families and adolescents to ensure that a safe and supportive environment for increased self-awareness and personal growth exists.  The program works with this targeted group to provide support through interpersonal relationships and programs geared to respond to their needs.

While the level of funding has not increased since its inception, it is one of the first programs offered by Council Fire. The goals and objectives of this program:

  • To assist adults recently arriving in Toronto to adjust   
    successfully to urban life while retaining their Native heritage;
  • To aid those who have become oriented to living on the
    street to build a more stable lifestyle;
  • To assist individuals recently released from jail in re-entering
    the community;
  • To assist individuals with drug or alcohol dependencies;
  • To work with clients individually or in groups;
  • To refer to other services where appropriate;
  • To maintain liaison with other Native and community

In the early 90’s, additional funding was secured through the Ministry of Community & Social Services (MCSS) to assist the growing needs of our families residing in Toronto.  Priority is given to single mothers with young children and to adolescents.  The program goals are :

  • To assist First Nation families adjust to and maintain urban
    life by providing culturally creative counselling, emotional
    support and referral services.
  • To provide assistance to families in crisis;
  • To provide liaison with Native Child and Family Services
    and other relevant services/agencies.

The Counselling Unit ensures close liaison is maintained with First Nation communities as well as with Native Child and Family Services of Toronto (NCFST) agency with a view of transferring appropriate cases for ongoing services. 

Between the months of June 2009 to May 2010, the Counselling Unit provided services to 567 individuals.

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