Toronto Council Fire is one of many Aboriginal service providers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that addresses the social, health, education, economic and cultural needs of the Toronto urban Aboriginal population.

We are located in the Regent Park/Cabbagetown area and on an annual basis interacts with over 140,000 clients made up of youth, adults, seniors and families who are established in the community or in transition. The staff and clientele come from various Nations and home communities within Ontario as well as, across the country.

Reception, Administration, Finance and Maintenance

The Core Sector is responsible for the administration, finance, policy development and corporate maintenance of the Centre, in addition to the day-to-day activities ensuring that the goals, mandate and direction are realized, as directed by the Board of Directors.

Core is staffed by the Capacity Development Officer who acts a Senior Manager and resource to the Sector Management Team; the Information-Coordinator, Finance Accountant, Finance Administrator, part-time Finance Support and maintenance worker.  This sector is funded by a variety of sources namely, the Aboriginal Friendship Centre Program (AFCP), a federal program of the Department of Heritage, managed by the National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC); training support funds for the Information-Coordinator position from Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training, in addition to management fees charged to the various programs and funds generated through the rental of our facility.

Over the past twelve months this Sector has interacted with 2,500+ persons, many of who include: individuals from elementary, secondary and private schools; Church and Religious groups; non-aboriginal agencies and businesses; other regional Friendship and Cultural Centres; First Nation communities, Tribal Councils and agencies; government officials; tourists, advocacy groups with like minded goals and objectives; out of country visitors requesting a tour of our facilities to learn more about who we are, our community, our programs and services and/or our history as Indigenous people.  We have also established a working relationship with a couple of production companies wishing to rent our facilities to shoot seasonal series and/or movies.
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Participation at community events and the promotion of cultural programming
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