Darlene Ritchie, President

Christine Goulais, Vice President

Andrea Chrisjohn, Treasurer

Wanina Phipps-Walker, Secretary

Grafton Antone, Elder Delegate

Clara George, Director

Laini Lacelles, Director

Edmund Sackaney, Director


Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre is an autonomous, vibrant cultural agency that involves and serves the Indigenous community with confidence for and commitment to their well-being.


To provide counselling, material assistance and other direct services to First Nations people as well as to encourage and enhance spiritual and personal growth.


  • To promote and employ Aboriginal people in the area of culture, education, family, industry and information technology;
  • To offer opportunity to Aboriginal people through cultural specific programs;
  • To enter into partnerships with likeminded organizations;
  • To conduct ongoing constructive assessments with community;
  • To support the economy and sustainability of the community;
  • To continue to build human, cultural and academic capacity;
  • To work with people of the four colors
  • To continue to build on our natural healing relationship with Mother Earth; and
  • To promote the celebration of life.

The Mission is guided by the use of our good minds to work for peace, harmony and friendship.

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